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Private Ranch Mule Deer

These guided deer hunts are 5 days in length and conducted on the Salmon River Breaks in the North Central Idaho on private land. A quality opportunity to a representative mule deer buck with a very good possibility at a trophy class animal. This full service camp includes log cabin for lodging, well prepared meals by a full time cook, guides, and 4 x 4 transportation.

Private Ranch Spring Bear
Guided bear hunts are conducted during April and May on private land. Black, brown, cinnamon, and blonde colors are available. Handgun, rifle, or bow is your choice weapons. Hunting methods used are glass and stalk, and bait stations. Cabin and/or wall tents and 4 x 4 transportation are used. Cook, food, and guide are included.

idaho elk hunting, idaho elk hunts, elk hunting iadho, elk hunting outfitters

Private Ranch Mountain Lion
Guided mountain lion hunts are conducted on private land from November through February. Well train and experienced hounds are used on these exciting hunts. Bow, handgun, and rifle may be used.

Private Ranch Muzzleloader For Elk & Deer
This muzzleloader hunt is for antlerless elk and deer during later November and early December. Accumulation of snow in the higher elevations at this time moves the elk and mule deer to the lower private ranches. Cabin and/or wall tents and 4-wheel drive vehicles are used for the hunt. Cook, food, and guides are furnished.

idaho elk hunting, idaho elk hunts, elk hunting iadho, elk hunting outfitters
Chukar and Gray Partridge Hunting
Bird hunt the Salmon River Breaks on private ranch land. You will enjoy large covey and lots of shooting over our experienced dogs. Season is mid-September through mid-December.